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About The Book:

Even though you grew up without a father, you can still fulfill your potential! In "From Fatherless To Fulfilled: Overcoming Your Obstacles To Fulfill Your Potential", Robert Thompson shares the obstacles he faced from growing up without a father and the action plan that helped him overcome those obstacles on his path to fulfillment.

In this book you will learn how embracing your identity, discovering your vision, and accepting responsibility can help you press through anything in your way on the path to fulfill your potential.


About The Author:

Robert Thompson is convinced that every person has value. That is why for the past 14 years he has committed himself to developing individuals and organizations to be their best.

He currently serves as the CEO of Dorsey & Dorsey Inc, an independent auto insurance agency servicing five states throughout the midwestern United States.  He lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with his wife and four children.